One solution

The only cloud backup solution you’ll ever need

Cloudfinder is a seamless software solution for all your organization’s cloud backup needs. From one user interface you can back up, search, restore, and get a data overview across all Cloudfinder’s supported SaaS services, including Office 365.

One solution for: Reliable  backups

Safety and security that is second to none.

Cloudfinder was designed with the safety and security of your company’s data in mind. All data collected in Cloudfinder’s SafeHaven Vault is encrypted when it is stored, in addition to when it is in transit from any supported services, such as Office 365.

One solution for: Rapid  restore

Get back to business

Data loss is disruptive and costly. Cloudfinder is designed to get your organization back to business as soon as possible by putting precisely what you need back exactly as it was on any of Cloudfinder’s supported services, such as Office 365.

One solution for: Data  overview

All your data at a glance

Today, your company’s data can be found across servers all over the cloud. Cloudfinder brings it together with reports and data overview in or across any of Cloudfinder’s supported services, such as Office 365.

Peace of mind

Safety in numbers

99.999999% durability
99.99% availability
250.000.000+ items backed up


Using a SaaS backup solution has many advantages. Backups happen automatically. Your organization’s data is secure in a second location. And, there are no worries about storage space, software upgrades, or local backup server failure. Cloudfinder also simplifies finding and restoring data. Since all the data from your company’s Office 365 is stored in our SafeHaven Vault, you can search all your data with one click.

Safe Haven Storage

Your company’s data is automatically backed up to our SafeHaven Vault. With SafeHaven, you have unlimited storage for life with zero possibility of accidental deletion since there is no delete option offered in the web interface. The SafeHaven Vault uses a multiple redundant Amazon S3 storage architecture with server-side encryption, along with one of the strongest block ciphers available. The result is a rating of 99.999999999% durability and 99.99% availability, making Cloudfinder the safest haven for your organization’s data on the net.

Military-Grade Encryption

Security measures start even before Cloudfinder stores your data. All data transfers to and from your data base to the Cloudfinder service are done over Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encrypted connections using HTTPS by stand-alone processes running behind a firewall. Once Cloudfinder backs up your organization’s data, it is stored in AWS S3. Data is encrypted with Server Side Encryption (SSE) using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256), one of the strongest block ciphers available and the same encryption standard used by the military. Moreover, stored items can only be accessed by the application from behind a firewall. And, only users with administration privileges can access the login-restricted web interface.


Cloudfinder is designed to be the most intuitive backup solution on the web. But, should customers require assistance, we’re always close by ready to help. Our customer service hot line offers global support for customers no matter where they are. Just give us a call.

Free Trial

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How can Cloudfinder simplify your professional life? It’s easy to find out. Test drive Cloudfinder free for one month. You are free to back up from any – or all – of Cloudfinder’s supported services, such as Office 365. No credit card required. No obligation. No worries. Just the priceless peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is protected by the best backup in the business.


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