The next generation of cloud backup for Office 365

Discover the next generation of cloud backup for Office 365. Simple, secure, and future-proof. With Cloudfinder, you can automate backups, search, restore, and get a data overview of your company’s Office 365 data in seconds. Our seamless search and restore also means that you can search Office 365 with just one click.


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Why back up Office 365?

Office 365 does not back up your data

While Office 365 protects you against hardware failure on its end, it’s a redundant solution with very high availability that offers no protection against user error or attacks on your end. When you consider that 75% of data loss is caused by user error, then you begin to understand why so many cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, like Microsoft, recommend third-party cloud backup of their user data.

One solution

The only cloud backup solution you’ll ever need

Cloudfinder is a seamless software solution for all your organization’s cloud backup needs. From one user interface you can back up, search, restore, and get a data overview across all Cloudfinder’s supported SaaS services, including Office 365.

One solution for: Reliable backups

Safety and security that is second to none.

Cloudfinder was designed with the safety and security of your company’s data in mind. All data collected in Cloudfinder’s SafeHaven Vault is encrypted when it is stored, in addition to when it is in transit from any supported services, such as Office 365.

One solution for: Rapid restore

Get back to business

Data loss is disruptive and costly. Cloudfinder is designed to get your organization back to business as soon as possible by putting precisely what you need back exactly as it was on any of Cloudfinder’s supported services, such as Office 365.

One solution for: Data overview

All your data at a glance

Today, your company’s data can be found across servers all over the cloud. Cloudfinder brings it together with reports and data overview in or across any of Cloudfinder’s supported services.
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